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Our Annual Award for 2015

The Hochschulgesellschaft OWL offers the 2015 Annual Award to students and employees of the Hochschule OWL who have distinguished both themselves and the UAS by above-average work in academic, professional, charitable or social fields.

Aim of the award

One of the goals of the Hochschulgesellschaft's Statutes is to increase public awareness of the achievements of both the UAS and of our members.

For this reason the Hochschulgesellschaft awards a prize to one or more persons chosen from the students and employees of the Hochschule OWL, who by their activities have demonstrated particular commitment to the school.

This award is intended to reinforce identification with the UAS and is funded by the Hochschulgesellschaft.

Terms of participation:

    * Candidates must be nominated. Direct application by candidates is not allowed. Employees and students of the Hochschule OWL may be nominated for the annual award.
    * Please use the enclosed forms when submitting the reasons for your nomination.

          o Form I: general information (personal data).
          o Form II: detailed presentation of achievements relating to the award (above-average work for the Hochschule OWL in academic, professional, charitable or social areas).

Time limit, procedure and award presentation

Final date for applications is 28 August 2015.

Completed forms are to be sent to the following address by the above date:

Ostwestfalen Lippe e.V.

Stichwort „Jahrespreis 2015“
Liebigstrasse 87
32657 Lemgo

The Executive Committee of the Hochschulgesellschaft (according to § 10 of the Statutes of the Hochschulgesellschaft OWL e.V.) shall choose one or more nominees as recipients of an award from amongst the valid applications submitted. Applications will be treated in a strictly confidential manner. There shall be no recourse to legal action.

The 2015 award is 2,500 euros in all.

Should several nominees be chosen, the Executive Committee will use their discretion when awarding the prize money. The Hochschulgesellschaft OWL will present the award on 15. October 2015 

Lemgo, January 2015
sgd. Prof. Dr. Niegel (Executive Committee Chairman)
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