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Each year the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and the University Association „Hochschulgesellschaft  OWL e. V.“ award overseas scholarships for students of the University of Applied Sciences. Four programmes offer financial support for a study or working period abroad:

  • go Europe: for periods of study abroad within Europe,
  • go global Praxis: for practical working periods worldwide,
  • go overseas: for overseas study periods worldwide, financed by the University Association,
  • women worldwide: for study or working periods abroad, only for female students.
Each programme offers a total funding of 10.000 Euro. The application deadline for all four programmes ends 15th November of each calendar year. Study or working periods in the country of one’s own nationality or language cannot be co-financed.

The scholarships subsides only a proportion of the total costs related to the study or working period abroad. Therefore students are requested to apply for further scholarships (e.g. DAAD, EU funds – especially ERASMUS -, foundations).

Further information about the application prerequisites and the criteria of selection are available in the International Office of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences (http://www.hs-owl.de/aaa/).
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